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Free shipping for AU orders over $100. Currently Ships to AU, NZ, UK & USA only
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KIDS LUXURY BLUEY Silk Face Mask - Green (2-5)
KIDS LUXURY BLUEY Silk Face Mask - Green (2-5)
KIDS LUXURY BLUEY Silk Face Mask - Green (2-5)
KIDS LUXURY BLUEY Silk Face Mask - Green (2-5)

KIDS LUXURY BLUEY Silk Face Mask - Green (2-5)

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Please note, this is a non-returnable, non-refundable item. For hygienic reasons all face mask orders are final. DISPATCHED (leaves our premises) IN 2-4 BUSINESS DAYS. Shipping time is dependent on Australia Post.

Finally a mask your little one will want to wear. Designed by a Fashion Stylist. Approved by a mum, and a certain 3 year old. These masks are not only designed with the ultimate comfort in mind (soft adjustable, elastic that goes around the head instead of hurting your little one's ears), we did not hold back in using the best fabrics. 2 interior layers of 100% Pure Mulberry silk (no blends here), 1 exterior layer of 100% Bluey Cotton. Mulberry silk is not only luxuriously soft and better for your child's skin, it is breathable and well known for its antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral properties due to the natural presence of copper in the silk. 

Best practices:
Hand wash with cold/lukewarm water BEFORE first use and after each subsequent use, and lay flat to dry. Please avoid touching the mask or your face once you have it on.


- 2 layers of pure 100% mulberry silk and 1 exterior layer of Bluey-themed 100% Cotton 

- Adjustable elastic that goes around the head twice. THIS MASKS DOES NOT GO BEHIND THE EARS for obvious comfort reasons. You are welcome ;)

- 100% silk. 100% Cotton. This mask is made from the most luxurious, premium mulberry silk available for purchase. P.S. We only use breathable, natural textiles for our masks. 

How to wear it  
1. Put your head between the mask and the 2 pieces of elastic i.e. both elastic pieces go behind your head, NOT behind your ears)

2. Place the top piece of elastic above your ears, and the bottom one below your ears.

3. For a snug fit and maximum safety, adjust both the top and bottom pieces of elastic behind your head (to tighten). 


Kalahari Ink face masks have NOT been tested for the prevention or treatment of viral infections, including COVID-19. Our intention is to have a more stylish , sustainable, washable substitute for surgical masks. 

How to care for your mask

Hand wash the mask in lukewarm/cold water and detergent, use a little bit of fabric softener, then hang or lay flat to dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Wash your hands after handling a used mask. Don't forget to wash your brand new mask before you first use it!


We are doing our absolute best to create minimal waste. Our masks are handmade in Australia. Please allow 2-4 business days for dispatch. Shipping time is dependant on AUSTRALIA POST.

P.S. Kalahari Ink is grateful for your patience in the name of quality.