ABOUT US: Inspired by the beauty of our African heritage and cosmopolitan exploits, our accessories cater towards today's modern woman. Whether you are a full-time mother, a corporate executive, or a student - the truth is, we are all time poor. In a fast paced world in need of quick style solutions on a daily basis, why not make your (potentially) bad hair day your best one?

This project is dedicated to all the women out there who fearlessly decide to be all they were created to be. Join us in celebrating our femininity in fun and dramatic ways through our awe-inspiring and versatile accessories. 


Having our accessories made in Australia, creates jobs locally and ensures we keep our carbon footprint low. We use a 'slow fashion model' that believes in minimal waste and sustainability. As well as this, we try to ensure that most of the textiles we use are natural and biodegradable. If not, we are transparent enough to tell you what textile is used to make whatever product you may be interested in.


We don't believe in un-necessary spam. The only updates we will be sending you will be new collection / product announcements so you get to shop first, before we tell everyone else, shhhh.

Instagram: @Kalahari.Ink


For any inquiries email us at: Kalahariink@gmail.com

PO Box 304, WEMBLEY, WA 6913